Bring on the Blinders

I’m trying something new. Whenever I find a band that I like, I don’t learn anything about them. I minimize my Pandora when I see “Northern Japan” in The Pillows bio. Lots of times Pandora has no biographical information at all and that’s even better.

I want the music. There are a rare few interesting music stories, or should I say variations on the same came from nowhere too much too soon death/disappearance and here they are with an abysmal comeback album yawn. I am sick unto dry heaves of the Legend of Keith Richards. I would be delighted to read about how Keith wrote “Connection,” or why they never finished “I’d Much Rather Be With The Boys,” or how those 378 great little touches on Stones’ songs came about. I don’t care where he shot up or how pharmaceutical his speedballs are.

So now I don’t wanna know and we’ll see how that works out. It’s not wholly possible for one thing. I already know that The Pillows are two guitar players, a drummer and a rotating guest bass player (just like Roxy Music!). I know that the Raveonettes are a guy and a girl. I like a band called Rogue Wave and I know that they are from California and have at least five members and that’s it. I’d like to keep it that way. I’m curious what y’all think of this band, they are softer than I usually like. Start with this:

4 thoughts on “Bring on the Blinders

  1. Nah, not for me. Two things: 1) During the intro, I thought they were gonna roar into “Holidays In The Sun.” They didn’t. 2) Love the drummer’s look though. If Napoleon Dynamite and Geezer Butler had a baby.

  2. I like the sound. Reminiscent of the Replacements or maybe just Westerberg solo, but I’m not sure about the song, which seemed a little random.

    I’m one with the blinders. I rarely prowl for biographical info about a band/musician until I’m hopelessly hooked. The music IS the thing.

  3. I don’t know where all of you are located, but they’re playing two shows in NYC this week (6/21 at Music Hall of Williamsburg and 6/22 at The Bowery Ballroom). Seeing them live could sway your opinion one way or the other.

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