Introducing Gaunt.

To me, anyway. A Facebook friend mentioned them. Jerry Wick, band’s singer/guitarist/songwriter, died in 2001 (hit by a car while riding his bike). Their first album was produced by Steve Albini. Their fifth album was a major label sell out and they broke up before it came out. Jim Motherfucker is the first song I listened to and it’s a great big noise, with a fantastic hidden guitar solo at about 2:40. By the time of their third album, the first I can find, they’re a little poppier (kind of like the Replacements).

Here’s an interview with the band in Chunklet about the origins of the embedded song.

So who’s Jim (from their “Jim Motherfucker” single)?
Jerry: It’s Jim from the New Bomb Turks. When our first single came out, which was a split single with the Turks, he took it home and on the sleeve it says “All Rights Reserved, Motherfucker.” And it says “Motherfucker” three or four times on the single. He took it home and showed his parents and said “Hey, I got a record out now.” His dad just freaked, went through the roof and said “I can’t believe I spent all that money putting you through school and to buy that guitar so you could use language becoming of scum.” So then, of course, “Jim Motherfucker” is an easy target.

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  1. Pretty good stuff. A little long at three minutes. Two might be better. Certainly not exact but it reminds me of the Dead Boys a little.

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